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Executive, leadership and team training & mentoring. The trainings we concept are usually customized, 1 to 3-day long immersive training formats directed at executives, managers, team leads, agile coaches, intrapreneurs and change agents. We also offer modular certification programs for agile approaches, company transformation and future skills

  • Upskilling and empowering participants with our Future Classes, Innovation & Business Culture Workshops and Agility Trainings

  • Implementation of agile, crisis management, resilience strategies, self-organizing teams, agile project management

training formats

  • 1 to 3-day workshops

  • Agile Ambassador and Intrapreneur trainings and certifications

  • Future Classes (modular program with 4 blocks of in-person sessions alternating with real, on-site projects within participants’ organizations)



Arndt supports executives, leaders and teams to be more effective, to improve workflows and to speed up decision making. He helps with strategic guidance and drives innovation agendas and stakeholder alignments. He is your go-to person for neutrality, an outside view, lean approaches and expert moderation are required.

  • Moderation & support for stakeholder events or critical management meetings for high efficiency, interest mediation and focused value delivery and decisiveness

  • Facilitated workshops to create, test and validate strategic business responses and opportunities

  • Sparring and facilitation for top management and senior leadership teams

  • Team workshops on applied agile on running projects

  • Team kick-offs and agile events (e.g. reviews, townhalls, retrospectives)


Coaching & Mentoring

Arndt offers 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring sessions for leaders and executives to help solve leadership, strategic and career challenges, to give advice for development paths & future skills and to support decision making and ambiguity management. Arndt also serves as agility mentor to leading executives on their digital leadership journey. He uses a systemic, human-centered and value-driven approach that takes circumstances & dependencies into account and pushes for actionable and implementation-driven outcomes.

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Agile mindset & approaches – Design Thinking, Lean Startup, KanBan, Scrum)

Business Model Generation  Platform Business Models and Value Proposition Design/JtbD

Resilience Strategies – setting up your company for Anti-Fragility and Adaptation

Leading Cultural Change & Digital Transformatiotion

Exponential Organizations – how to scale with the same pace as exponential technologies do  

Strategic Excellence & Aligned Autonomy – introducing OKRs to increase performance & engagement

KanBan – to optimize workflows

Vision & Purpose –  (Re)Defining the core DNA or your organization 

Cognitive Biases, Heuristics – for complex environments and the Neuroscience of Change

Bioinspiration & Circular Economy– how to build a living and learning organization

Sustainability – how to transform from linear to circular and value-creating business


by Dr. Arndt Pechstein



Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, Hungary, Sweden, Sri Lanka and Ecuador

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